Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Yonex Z-Force II

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Wow, it's been quite some time since I got down to writing about badminton no? Well, I'm glad to be back.

It's been a nice rest for me, and thanks to all the kind chaps who manage to fit time in to play with a rusty player.

So I got a chance to try out a buddy's Yonex Z-Force II racket. It was 4U, but the power behind its strokes could easily equal that of a 3U. The racket is stiff, the racket is swift, the racket performed very admirably.

Looks aside, the Z-Force II didn't really come across as a nice racket the first time I handled it. It was for stroking, and it felt a little too hollow to give any significant impact to my game, kind of what the ArcSaber Flash Boost felt like.

But give it a few games (I gave it two) and you get a pretty well-rounded racket that's awesome for your game. While light, it gave enough power. While head heavy, it gave enough swiftness. While 4U, it gave enough ummph to cause a little concern on your attacks.

The clears were good, the defense memorable, the attacks.... well, they could be better. Net shots were a breeze though, and having less weight in your hand actually makes it easier for me to pull off the fancier trick and double-motion shots.

As I've said, I didn't get a lot of time with the Yonex Z-Force II, but given the choice, I'd spring for a 3U to see how much more it can deliver. The 4U racket is a good weapon to have on the court, but I'd like to push it a little and say a 3U one might make a significant difference to justify switching from its predecessor.

Review to come? I hope so... (hint to bro, get a 3U)!


Unknown said...

Woot, sadly I have been waiting for your review for awhile. Even having spent some time with the zf2, I am really curious how you will score it.

Arthur said...

Thanks for keeping in touch! Let me get a few more games with it before I throw out a review.

How did you find it?