Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lin Dan signs with Yonex

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What is this I hear? Yonex has a new top dog?

For the longest time, the badminton conglomerate has mooched off the success and popularity of Lee Chong Wei. But let's face it, hard work is only as cool as Lin Dan's 2007 hair style.

Who doesn't remember the hype about the re-issued AT700? Even when he's not with Yonex, Lin Dan has managed to make his mark felt through his legions of AT700 fans. Fans like his ferocity and passion, and the bazooka of a racket in the Armortec 700 is a physical embodiment of his tenacity.

Fast forward seven years on, and Lin Dan comes back to Yonex, right when poor Lee faces a career-ending drug judgement call from the BWF. Yonex is up against the wall - make a page for disgraced champion Lee Chong Wei in their legends subsite, or channel the funds to another money magnet and hope that Lee comes back to tagteam Lin in a profit hurricane.

Million(s) dollar handshake.
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So what does this deal mean for the badminton fan?

Given Yonex's propensity to throw marketing down the toilet in sake of golden ticket brand ambassadorship, my guess is that we'll be seeing a slew of Lin Dan x Yonex paraphernalia.

While he might be photographed in the Yonex Voltric Z-Force II racket, the shoes definitely seem like special issue (please don't let this be a Kenichi Tago situation - the guy isn't even that good now and no one wants his shoes anymore).

Picture: money tree.
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So if you're a Lin Dan nut like I am, you'll be eagerly awaiting the new line of re-painted rackets and shoes. You will buy them, you will like them, you will come back for more. 

Because he is Lin Dan, and he is just that awesome.

Thank you Yonex. And screw you too.


hannster said...

Great commentary... as always! Love the final line of the article.

Lee Chong Wei will be back, and sign off with a proper swansong... even if it's 2 years down the road and even when he's not in his prime anymore (as Peter Gade was during the twilight of his career).

Yonex will probably milk that, welcome Lee like a prodigal son, and set up a new range of equipment (or at least another farewell signature racket) for Lee, while Lin marquees another parallel successful range of equipment.

Then after both retire, get them on board a mega integrated project that also involves PG and Taufik - the four heavenly kings of badminton, so to speak. (That's already quoted by Lin Dan somewhere in the Yonex press releases.)

Seems like Yonex's marketing talent (and depth of their pockets) aren't limited to just smashing records and new carbon infusions!

Arthur Wong said...

I will await eagerly for the new rackets coming our way!!!

Glad you liked the read!

hannster said...

Always! Really like your reviews and the colour you put in your articles!

A M P H O R I C said...

How is the voltric 80 ├ętune ?

Arthur Wong said...

Wouldn't know. I didn't try it coz I think it's a gimmick. If you wanted a head heavy racket with adjustable weights, why not just go for something heavier or lighter without the hassle of cutting strings every time?