Thursday, February 04, 2016

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Victor Bravesword 12 versus Victor Bravesword 12N

So I got my hands on the blue Victor Bravesword 12, more commonly known as "the racket Lee Yong Dae uses."

Having enjoyed the experience of using the Bravesword 12N in singles play, I was eager to compare the performances of both rackets in doubles games. So I did.

I guess the main different is in the shaft stiffness. The 12N plays a lot harder than the 12, and this gives you a very solid thump when you're in a singles game. In doubles, when you get the change for the long hard swing, the Bravesword 12 actually comes across a little harder.

The BRS12 also comes across slightly better in defense, since it's of a lighter weight. The softer shaft doesn't allow it to lift as well as the stiffer 12N, but the speed more than makes up for it.

If you're someone who likes to drive the shuttle straight across the net, you'll like the 12N more than the 12. The stiff shaft is really good for short whips of the wrist to generate immense amounts of power.

Net play seems to favor the 12 more than the 12N for me. I was able to get a lot more confidence with the blue racket with its lighter weight.

All in all, I would choose the Victor Bravesword 12 for doubles play. The increased attack power and defense speed brought about by the softer shaft and lighter weight is ideal for the nature of badminton doubles.

The Bravesword 12N is more suited for me as a singles racket. The head heaviness of it gives more shot variety when it comes to singles, and allows you to conserve more energy with each swing.

For the review, I will choose the BRS12. One main reason is because I don't own the 12N (haha).

Stay tuned!


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Henry said...

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Job dela Cruz said...

Hello Arthur,

Great reviews you have! I wonder whats the nearest yonex raquet equivalent of BRS12/12N you can recommend... I'm a doubles player and still looking for a racket that will suites my play. I am using N900 which is a very good racket but I am having difficulty in lift during the smash pf the opponent. Normally it just go over the mid court, instead of back. I like BRS12 base on your review but had a bad experience in victor racket (js10) thats why there might be a nearest yonex racket I can us. 😫

Arthur Wong said...

Hey there Job, thanks for reading!

I have bad experiences with Victor rackets, with a list that's way too long to try to remember, but the BRS12 has really exceeded expectations when it comes to doubles play.

It's light, it's quick and still manages to pack a punch. If I weren't so used to the stiffer BRS10 I'd be a total convert.

If you're looking at Yonex rackets however, you might want to explore the ZSpeed. I have found a very good sweet spot with that racket as well.

Head over to my review of the NR900 and you'll see that I face quite the same situation as you in that the racket doesn't deliver as much power as I hoped it would.

Hope this helps!

Hamza Nisar said...

Have you tried out the Yonex Voltric 7? I've been thinking about getting it. I looked at this review.

Does that sound right for it?

Arthur Wong said...

The Yonex mid-range rackets aren't actually any better than those from other brands like APACS, Hart or Pro-Kennex. Brands like Pro-Kennex actually offer graphite made in Taiwan, a higher quality than the China-made ones from the Yonex range.

My personal experience with the Voltric 7 and 9 are that they're cumbersome and that you're better off with a lower-priced, better quality, though less "branded" racket.