Thursday, March 09, 2017

I'm baccccckkk.. well, sort of.

This is a quick announcement.

After more than a year of pain, surgery and rehab, I have finally returned to the court!

The rehab process is still in progress at the moment, so I can't do much more than light steps. This makes it perfect for my role now as a trainer for a friend of mine who wants to learn to play the game.

My time as a trainer has helped me re-learn what I have lost. As the student picks up the basic skills of this perfect games, so does the teacher. My precious time back on the court leaves me appreciative of the journey I took to get here, and the people who made it possible.

And for those of you readers who asked about my condition and wished me well, you made the list :)

I look forward to improving my physical condition with each passing day, and perhaps one fine day can go back to a little advanced play.

Happy smashing guys, and thanks for the support.

P.S. I bought the Duora Strike in 3U, and am looking forward to writing about it.


Nathan h said...

Goood to hear everything is well Arthur ! Can't wait to hear to thoughts on the duora z strike .. could you compare it to the arc11 -- love to read you opinion on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arthur,
Good to hear you're back in the court. Looking forward to read some useful stuffs here.