Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad Week

Been sick.

Tried cooking that mushroom stir-fry thing today at Abel's and it turned out a little worse than yesterdays, but I think I've got it down already. Next one's gonna be good.

Seafood at Cold Storage's a bummer - "The Fresh Food People" indeed... I've never had worst squid. Shrimp was flaky when cooked too. I'll be coming down with a tummy ache soon, I swear.

Played like 30 minutes of badminton today before giving up. Think we're gonna head to a proper indoor court next time. My crunches stopped at 85 today... the last 25 was murder. The flu really did me in... I didn't even run this week.

On the other hand, I sat down to a McDonald's lunch today and found my stomach wrenching from the oil. Might be a good response to unhealthy food.

Live a good life, exercise, eat right, live long - that's my mantra for now. No use having to much money when you're old and then spending it all on medicine and hospital stays.

And all that's under control; other variables of your life you have to leave to chance (some of you might call it fate), so all the best.

Come Again - MFlo

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