Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Carlton fan here

Nothing new, but I got me 2 more Carltons.

The Airblade 30 is a mid-priced Carlton that I found in the back of some old store in the middle of town. After I dusted it off and asked the grumpy about the price I bought it right off.

The Vapour Trail Vanquish, apart from having a really cool name, was shown to me by my regular stringer and racket pimp... It was too good to resist, and believe me when I said I tried (for the whole of 2 minutes).

AND if all goes well tomorrow, I'll trade my Victor Spira 21 for a Dunlop Aerogel 4D Tour. Did some research and discovered that Carlton is actually the subsidiary of Dunlop; the website confirms it as I caught glimpse of identical Carlton technology used in the Dunlop rackets.

Seems I just can't escape the allure of them Carlton rackets. Best in the world by my books.

Reviews soon.


Faidz said...

Wow...more rackets to test!

Arthur Wong said...

Yeah, I gave the Vanquish a swing yesterday and man did it impress!