Saturday, August 20, 2011

The string test

Tomorrow I will try to give a final decision on which strings I will stick to.

Currently my rackets are strung with 4 types of strings - Yonex BG6, BG66, BG66 Ultimax, and Nanology 98.

The test is simple - I have 2 games of singles with each string, and then judge them based on hitting feeling and sound.

Yonex BG6 (0.66mm gauge)
- Strung on the Dunlop Aerogel 4D Tour @ 26lbs
- White in color, but comes in all sorts
- Packaging says it's got a soft feel
- Hits sound duller, I expect less control when it comes to net play

Yonex BG66 (0.66mm gauge)
- Strung on the Carlton Fireblade FX8 @ 25lbs
- White in color, only other option seems to be neon green
- Medium feel
- Sounds like strings should sound? I've had a nice experience with my Fireblade so I'm expecting great things from this string

Yonex BG66 Ultimax (0.65mm gauge)
- Strung on the Yonex ArcSabre Z-Slash TH @ 25lbs
- White in color, with neon green as only alternate
- Medium feel
- Sounds great on the smash, but I personally think it's also for something to do with the racket; best control I've had so far for net play

Yonex Nanology 98 (0.66mm gauge)
- Strung on Prince Black Pearl XP @ 26lbs
- Gold strings!
- Medium feel
- Used it on two occasions and they sound decent; net play was good, but it didn't make me notice there was an improvement.

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