Saturday, September 03, 2011

Badminton Rackets: Light and Heavy

I remember when I first started out playing after a long break of 10 years. I told myself that I had to get a new racket coz the one I used to have has been thrown away.

So I headed to the sports store and got me the cheapest racket in there. The main consideration was color and design.

I ended up with a UG4 Yonex Carbonex DF6000, and it hurt my arm after a two hour session. At that time I was really but a social player, and the skills and thoughts about technique hasn't been instilled into the style.

Now, I've amassed a collection of 12 rackets from different makers and ranging between balance, string and weight class.

I've done a string review before, but tomorrow I will try and compare two head-heavy light weight rackets from two different makers, just for the hell of it.

1. Carlton Airblade 30
82g unstrung (4UG5)
Strung with BG6 (orange) at 26lbs

2. Karakal M-Tec 70 Iso Gel
70g unstrung (6UG5)
Strung with BG66 Ultimax at 26lbs

At first touch the M-Tec 70 seems to be the more head-heavy badminton racket, despite being sold as the lightest racket in the world.

I've also had two straight sessions with the Karakal before and I should be able to write a proper for it after tomorrow's game.

Both rackets will be given an hour in singles games tomorrow, which will then give me enough information to judge them based on defense, attack, and control.

Till later.

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