Sunday, October 23, 2011

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Carlton Air Blade 30

I'm sure most of you would have a preferred racket for doubles and singles games. The game of singles requires solid placement and allows you a slower pace as compared the the doubles games. That's probably why so many people swear by the head-light Yonex Nanospeed or simply a 4U racket that gives you the added maneuverability at the cost of power.

I've got a nice mix of 3U and 4U rackets, and I've been gradually trying them out to see if I can find myself a nice staple to settle down on instead of changing rackets (and strings) every other session.

This time round it's fallen onto the Carlton Airblade 30, a relatively light racket with a head-heavy disposition, most probably to minimize the loss of power from the 10g disadvantage the frame brings.

To sum it up, the Air Blade 30's got most of what I need from a doubles game, especially in defense. I was thoroughly impressed by how fast and accurate the racket could go, and it's warranted itself a second go.

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