Thursday, January 05, 2012

Badminton Shoes Review: Mizuno Wave Lightning 7

Ok, technically they're not badminton shoes. But volleyball and badminton are rather alike in foot movements, so I got myself a pair of these since they were on sale.

And don't they look good!

The thing that struck me first were how light they are compared to the Yonex SHB 101LTD that I have. Mizuno used a lot of mesh in the design of the Wave Lightning 7 and that reduced the weight of the shoe by a whole deal.

On air.

The second thing was how comfortable it was. Once securely tied around the foot, the cushioning in the Wave Lightning 7 was incredible! The shoe wrapped around the foot and gave in to you every twist and turn (that means it's hella flexible as well).

Last but not least, is the bounce that the shoe gives. The wave design on the heel and along the mid-sole basically gives a slot of support to cushion and absorb whatever impact you will incur during the game. Jumping becomes enjoyable, and couple that with the flexibility and light weight movement, the Mizuno Wave Lightning 7 makes for a good combination.

Unfortunately, this is not a badminton shoe. The Mizuno Wave Lightning 7, unlike the 101 LTD, does not come with the lateral claw technology that is incorporated into the Yonex shoe to stop sideways movement of the foot once the sole hits the ground.

Being made of mesh, the right outer-side of the Wave Lightning 7 gives a lot of stretch to my foot. Being the first time I used the shoe, it felt quite different from the Yonex counterpart and kept making me feel like I was going to sprain my right foot.

Having the wave technology in the heel also makes it a tad higher than conventional badminton shoes. The added height took a little getting used it. I don't think I will be able to switch between the two shoes that easily.

While the Mizuno Wave Lightning 7 offers the speed and comfort much needed in Yonex shoes, its reduced durability and increased height makes for a little getting used to.

More to come when I get a few more singles games in.

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