Monday, December 10, 2012

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Victor Spira 22

I had an enjoyable singles session today, and it was partly in thanks to this "blue lightning".

Well, I wouldn't call it very fast, but it was reliable enough to deal enough damage to the other side of the court. I've never been a fan of the Victor series of rackets (I've sold every single one I've ever owned so far), but the Spira 22 might actually stick around for a bit.

This variation of the Spira series of rackets comes with an even balance and more flex than it's previous counterpart, the 21. I used the Victor Spira 21 for a bit before deciding that I wasn't strong enough to use something that stiff.

Another contributing factor to my game today has got to be the Pro-Kennex strings that I've recently had the chance to try out. I've tried my third so far, and I must say that the hold on these strings are amazing. It's like some kungfu stuff where they take in the shuttle and then absorb the force before throwing it all out towards the other side of the court.

Very enjoyable smashing, very easy clearing, even easier dropping.

All-in-all, the Spira 22 and the Pro-Kennex strings add up to a very reliable racket that's able to perform noticeably well in my singles game. I'll try to get some doubles action as well, but for now the blue racket with blue strings make a very good impression.

Reviews soon.

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