Sunday, July 28, 2013

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Victor Thruster K8000

So I took the new toy out for a spin and here's how it felt. I had mix of singles and doubles games lasting about 3 hours in total.

Right off you can feel that it's got that natural weight that will save you a lot of energy when playing, especially singles. It's a little whippy than the other Victor rackets (which can be stiff as heck), and you really can see that from the very long clears that I can get from my backhand strokes.

I didn't get a chance to restring my racket after procurement, so the feel's a bit off when I try the more intricate shots like the net drops and the drives. Smashes came off ok, the catapult system from the TK8000 working like a charm.

The Thruster K8000 didn't feel sluggish in defense, in fact it weighs a little less than what my impression of a 3U racket would be. This made the shots a little easier to pull off, and I found myself sticking to the racket for my singles game that day.

Overall the Victor Thruster K8000 performed well. I got it restrung at the end of the day and will await the next session so I can test it out for a proper review.