Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Li-Ning Air-Stream N55-III

Had a swing with the racket this evening at a singles session and decided to write a little about it since I managed to get enough play time to get a good first sense.

First off, this is one pretty racket. Along with the rest of the Li-Ning N-III series rackets, the N55-III comes in two variations - Gold / Purple and Silver / Black.

This one here's the Gold / Purple version.
Now that you're done drooling over the sneak peak, it's down to talking about the performance.

The Li-Ning Air-Stream N55-III comes off as a very head heavy racket. Very. I had a little difficulty getting used to the weight, and for about two to three games in I was still thinking that the racket is too heavy for its own good.

And then the jump smash happened.

What's special about this racket is the Air-Stream technology, where holes are cut into the head frame to allow a higher level of aero-dynamism.

What it does it it manages to pull off a very fast downward stroke very quickly, which means that the shots come down steep and fast. I managed to pull off quite the angle with my jump smashes today. 

Defense-wise it doesn't come off very impressive, what being a monster at the head heavy department and all. I've to test this out in a fast game of doubles before I say anything about this though.

But all in all, the racket surprised me with the steepness and speed of the attacks that it produces. Heavy heads pull off clears quite well so I won't touch on that for now.

More with the review.


Anonymous said...

How does this compare to mx jjs and n90 3? Wat is the differences between the 3?

Arthur Wong said...

Hey there. Not tried the three enough to make a fair comment, but for now the N9o-III seems the easiest to use.

Marx said...

Hi Arthur, good day! I see you already got the N55-III, *drools* As a Li-Ning N36 user, I'm looking into this for transition/backup racket, waiting for your review soon. :)

Arthur Wong said...

Hey Marx, yes this indeed is a very pretty racket! However the N55-III is a whole different beast to the N36.

While the N36 is a very nice race to control, being even balanced and lighter, the N55-III is one of the most head heavy Li-Ning rackets I've used.

Will try it further to see if it's really that much harder to use..

Marx said...

Hey Arthur, thanks! being a fan of control plays, N55-III is not advisable? choosing between N7 and N55-III though. :)

Kitsumate Pummarin said...

I guess that this racket similar to the VTZF right? and suitable for the offensive player (my style).
Now, it difficult to decide b/w VT80 and N55 III, please point the big different b/w these rackets.


Arthur Wong said...

It's not that difficult really.

If you're looking for something with a heavier head and lower defense, choose the N55-III.

It could have more power than the VT80, but I've not had the chance to test it out yet.

Anonymous said...

Review soon?

Kitsumate Pummarin said...

Thx for ur replied.
Hope to read a review soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Is it more head heavy than vtzf and n90 1?

Arthur Wong said...

Certainly felt like it did..

Anonymous said...

r u writing a review of ur new rackets soon?

Arthur Wong said...

When I feel I get enough time with the rackets, I will :)