Saturday, September 12, 2015

Badminton Racket New Launch: Yonex Duora 10

This here is my new Yonex Duora 10 in 3U, fresh from the stringer and ready for the courts tomorrow.

On first swing, I've had some reservations on whether the racket would be good for singles play. I've seen Lee Chong Wei try to win matches with this and he was visibly lacking in the power play, so the loss in weight for the Duora 10 worried me,

It was light. So I decided to add the joint grommets to the top so that my weak arms to make shots to the other end of the court.

The concept of the Duora 10 is simple -  the racket is supported by a super slim shaft on a slightly more flexible shaft alike the previous ArcSabers. At the end of the shaft is the two-shaped head frame, differentiated by heat and cool.

Heat is the orange side, the box frame that allocates the shift in power. I would recommend this for the forehand stroke.

Cool is the green side, the sword frame that allocates the shift in speed. This shape is more ideal for backhand strokes.

For those who want a little mix in style and use, the colors of the two sides are easily distinguishable so that you'll still be able to know which side you're using.

While I've not had the chance to hit a shuttle yet, the racket still feels a little slight on the swing. Only time will tell.

More to come.

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