Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Badminton String Launch: Yonex Aerosonic BG AS

Hello badminton fans! It's been awhile hasn't it? Not much has happened in the world of badminton gear since the launch of the Duora 10, but here we are with a new string launch!

The Yonex Aerosonic BG AS string is like the BG66 Ultimax on steroids. It is thinner, has a higher repulsion rating, and according to my stringer (I have not used the string yet), it has one sharp sound.

He also said one thing about the string that spiked my interest He said the strings are more than thin gauge strings from other brands.

Now this is a big thing. I used to be a big fan of 0.60mm strings from Toalson, but they hardly last and it was getting a little frustrating to have to see them snap so soon.

Sitting at home now is my Bravesword 10, freshly strung with the BG AS. Hitting the strings against my calf does indeed produce a very high pitched "ting", and you can feel quite the repulsion from the string bed.

While I'm not a big fan of thin gauge strings (BG66UM didn't quite sit well with me) from Yonex, my positive experience with the 0.60mm strings lets me go into the BG AS with a positive attitude.

So here's to new strings, and I'll hopefully post a review of the BG AS when I get enough play time.


Joshua Jude said...

How is the string performance ?

Joshua Jude said...

How is the string performance ?

Arthur Wong said...

Hey Joshua, I've tried it on the Bravesword 10. Will write about it soon, but overall it's good. Takes a bit of getting used to though.