Thursday, February 02, 2006


*Wise Man Once Said = WMOS

Me: So how goes your day?

WMOS: The songbird can chirp, but the branches are weak.

Me: What’s wrong then?

WMOS: Dam that holds water has torn asunder.

Me: Too much to do at work?

WMOS: The Heavens send rain, but the people can only beg.

Me: No help from the bosses huh? Why don’t you try talking to them?

WMOS: Like light off the water’s edge.

Me: I’m sure they’re not that unreasonable.

WMOS: Blessed, you can take a tree with a butter knife.

Me: Maybe it’s time you started looking for a new job? I mean, all you’ve done with this one is complain about how bad it is.

WMOS: The ship follows the winds, but the sea may not be as agreeable.

Me: Ahh… but that’s a big sea out there!

WMOS: Seen from behind a cage, the lion resembles a pussycat.

Me: So you’re gonna stay on?

WMOS: Knowing its fate, the salmon continues upstream.

Me: If you’re unhappy, quit!

WMOS: A tree uprooted leaves no soil.

Me: Don’t you have savings?

WMOS: The dandelion seeks help from the winds.

Me: I’m not loaning you any money!

WMOS: *silence

Me: *silence

WMOS: A steady stream rusts iron, kills fire, and splits stone.

Me: You’ve a plan? Let’s hear it.

WMOS: Hong Bao Draw.

Me: *silence

WMOS: The meek follow a different god.

Me: The fat bird won’t sing, so it blames the lousy branch.

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