Monday, February 27, 2006

Right-Smack In The Middle Of The Morning

Ever wake up with that smile on your face? The one that says "everything’s going to be all right"?


And then you start your day as you normally would – taking your time to bathe and do all the little things that you do before you head off to where you normally go and then do what you’re supposed to do.

I mean, it’s all good, but it’s feeling that much better since you started with an early-morning-smack-in-the-face with a serving of fresh fulfillment. Nothing’s gonna screw you up this time – the bus can’t be late and the people would actually move to the back for once; the train doors open and you won the 0.5m sprint for the sardine-train; that pretty person who smiles at you isn’t trying to sell you something.

You’re infallible.

Welcome to the club.

When you’re done sharpening your ego with the rock of self-praise, we’ll move on.

Hang on, I’m not done sharpening yet.

Work’s been getting me down. It gets everybody down. It’s a freaking getter-downer, that bastard that is work. And every one of us goes through the period of time when we tell ourselves "enough is enough, I’m outta here!"

Face it – most of us are one hole short of a doughnut most of the time. And there’s a whole picnic basket to compete with.

That’s right, there’s always the constant reminder from the people around us, the heat of the chase, the rout of the crowds. I’m not talking about holes or doughnuts or price tags – who gives a flying fuck at the moon about those?!

Of course, no one can fuck the moon. It’s physically and psychologically impossible. No one even imagines doing that.

Hell, no. Human-astrological body intercourse is strictly metaphysical.

But what’s metaphysics got to do with waking up with that smile on your face?


Let’s take a break. Take two. Hell, take five more, who cares!

You do, that’s who.

But honestly, when was the last time you stopped yourself from doing something – like r-e-a-l-l-y stopped doing anything. Stop, drop, and leave – that’s what I’m talking about.

Forget work and troubles and the likes, and simply BE. Take a deep breath and count to 123,434,673,345,234,903,346,234,784,826,825.

The elation that comes from being a free spirit – one that is signified by a total freedom of will and how its time is spent – is far beyond the simple pleasures more often experienced in life.

Stop thinking already, LIFE’S WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. And that means you’re in the driver’s seat. Where you go is up to you – forage in the flames of past; canter through caverns of present time; gallivant among the guilds of future’s tomb.

Your choice.

You gotta do something about it – don’t expect it to change all by itself. Capture that moment in a blaze of frenzy and squeeze it dry; live it.

Then maybe you’ll get that job you were looking for, the dream girl you know you’re going to marry, the degree that you’ve always imagined yourself getting; the life you knew you’d live.

Because frankly, life’s always gonna be there when you open your eyes. It’s that hot breath that sticks to your tongue, an annoying insect buzzing around your food, that cold gust of wind right after you step out of the shower.

Some things you just can’t get enough of; welcome to my world.

Now say this with me – slowly and making emphasis at the end – Everything’s going GREAT.

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