Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh Captain, My Captain

National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan announces that the Urban Development Board's Lighting Masterplan, seeking to enhance and emphasise Singapore's unique features as a tropical metropolis and garden city.


Sounds like something right up Malaysia's alley; the next most absurd thing I've heard would be a half-rotating causeway.

So anyway, back to the Lighting Masterplan (said with shudder and lightning in the backdrop) - it seems that $10 million will be set aside for the next 5 years to bring this absurdity to fruition. The incentive for building owners to 'light up' amounts to free land and no taunting from other owners who decide to show that they have more spare change to flaunt on legal grafitti.

I'll say it once more, with feeling - $10,000,000.00!

Street lighting is also on the list, given a spruce of 'corporate-ness' with blinding white lights that hide the markings on the road and would most likely cause more accidents. What better place to put them than in the Central Business District where people have too much money and can afford new cars at whim?

Genius. He must be on Mensa.

Well, since URA's nominated for some award because of their bid to preserve old buildings and heritage, I guess we could trust them with the bling that they're going to anal probe into our skylines.

We've seen five-finger buildings, Unidentified Flying (now landed) Supreme Courts and giant metallic durians, so be expected to see Carnival in Singapore - the next big thing! Whyhave fireworks in the sky once a year when you can have them stuck to your REPUTABLE CORPORATE BUILDING all year long?

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Fearful Seer said...

My my... Someone's being political...

But I do agree that the country sometimes places too much money into things that they (the government) perceived would be beneficial to the society and the nation as a whole. But seriously, there's got to be a balance.

My take (and I may be wrong) is to better place such money into other matters... and from my experience... into our security/police forces. Terrorism is always an imminent threat. Research and continuous upgrading of our preventive measures are needed to keep away from such threats. Though it may seemed that we're heavily prepared, looks sometimes can be deceiving.

Another matter which may need more attention would be supporting our local talents. And talents here I don't mean by local university graduates and scholars only. We have many great talents here in Singapore that go unnoticed and unsupported in areas like Sports, Film, Arts, Design and Media among others.

Thankfully, I do see changes around us and the government seemed willing to help. But it can get a little frustrating when the changes are done too slowly.

But I guess we have to give and take. No point being selfish and only seeing our side of the story. The government is doing its part and hell if anyone's not happy about how things are going on... first try voicing out... if you're still not happy... pick up pants and do something about it. Try being a leader in the government and make things happen as you see fit. Only then would we see how difficult it is to please everybody...

Hell... my 2 cents worth... "The only way to human perfection... is a life of balance"