Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bruffy Returns!

Now we all know incredible tales of animals having found their owners years after being lost, making their way through dangerous and life-threatening terrains while braving rain and gust and scorch and famine before returning love-lorn into the arms of their careless but nonetheless loving owners.

Bruffy returned to me just twenty minutes ago, and is now getting the presidential treatment from the delicate and skillful hands of my dearest Cupcake.

Just moments ago, I chronicled the loss of my Bruan Buffel wallet, hereby dubbed Bruffy, in a momentous fit of rage of anguish topped off with much embarrassment. I also mentioned the several unnoted hints from le' ol' Ye-sus and how those near-death experiences served no purpose in heightening my resolve to protect Bruffy.

"You've never known loss before you lose something dear."

Add a sip of Coke Lime, and the company of the most beautiful girl in the world, and ya got a perfect story.

Cue the morning sun.

Yeah, it's hard waking up in the morning (warning, long wax lyrical approaching), especially when you know that it's a Friday and you've got so much work to do you 'll practiacally fall over laughing at how much un-weekendy this day is going to be. Add the weekend-burning stock take (over 60,000 titles and a million damn books at any one time), and you got a recipe for gloom.

A walk down to the bus stop is always refreshing, but only if I'm doing it with the love of my life. (Side note: Dear Cupcake, thanks for everything. You make it all worthwhile!) The bus is coming from behind and we realise that it's my dearest's. So she gets on in that dainty fashion and waves goodbye, but not before catching a glimpse of her boyfriend frantically searching for something...

I was trying to board the bus behind, and in Singapore, we have these little nifty things we call ExLink, which is kindalike a tap card. It makes the bus go beep and we get a free ride. Yup, that sums it up.

So I look over and give the sweet thing one last wave before retiring to the garden bench, punching the 100 number to cancel my cards and make arrangements for my trip home.

The SH-1305 came along and your royal pissiness went ranting again. I told the cabbie I lost my wallet. Then he went into this what-must-be-hours-long story about how good things will come when you're doing good things.

T'was a great lesson, that was. Summing it up it nutshells into "don't worry, your wallet will return to you somehow."

Short of waving a magic wand ala Fairy God Cabbie, he perpetually summoned my wallet back to me.

And back it did come! The angel of a princess of a goddess of a Cupcake's sister returned it to me. It's like sticky and void of money (yes, it was the birthday money), but hey!

Bruffy returns! ROAR!

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