Saturday, November 29, 2008

Everything seems familiar...

Hello black and white background;
Hello bright green words;
Hello running thoughts from my mind;
I have returned.

Be it a dismal sight, among all that's been done.
To see myself back to where all of it begun.

I read through my past entries,
I smile at my faith;
Of good times and happiness
Juxtaposed to what lie remains.

I wanted to cry out in the strongest of words,
But ended up rhyming with the lamest of verbs.

Admitting I need practice,
I clamp myself down
To the clattering of the keyboard;
"I'm back," I now found.

The recent turn of events in the couple of days,
Left me here sitting - in typing I pray.

The long bus rides to campus,
The long canteen queues,
My faded short-sleeved shirt,
In my favorite hue.

Floating greys and silvers in the blur of my head
Comes back to haunt me, taking their shapes.

The poems I've written,
In little brown books,
Though thrown out in anger,
Are now worth a look.

Big White must be dead and rosy cheeks have flown;
Soulmates are a joke - but that from the beginning I've known.

So many lie in wait,
For my longing soul;
In our last conversation,
"It's over," I'm told.

Sometimes in life we learn to forget,
But who then can see the tears that we shed.

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