Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day out and the dinner after.

It's a pictorial spread today - I'm looking to get a proper camera so they don't look like they're taken out of a camera phone (they are).

That's my mum!

Dude's selling money.

The message of the day: "新年快乐!"

People joining in the festivities.

Decorating your home with fake flowes?
Go to Bugis!

For the fortunate, be glad.

For the doubtful, be safe.

Our first stop.

People rub his belly and he smiles at them back.

Something evil this way comes.

We bought $70 worth of this.

And $40 worth of this.

My sister came over for dinner!

Lousy Pix 1 - Steamed Sea Bass

Lousy Pix 2 - Pork Ribs in Bean Paste

Lousy Pix 3 - Stir Fried Kai Lan with Scallops

Lousy Pix 4 - Stir Fried 豆苗

Lousy Pix 5 - Steamed Chicken

This is my rendition of Red Cliff Two.
"I'll cut you!"

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