Saturday, January 10, 2009

Throwing out the past

In the midst of spring cleaning it suddenly hit me - I'm supposed to be sad and lonely and crying all the time... at least that's how I'd expected myself to react.

But I've been fine since the breakup, doing things I've always wanted to do and spending time with the family and friends whom I've seldom met during my three years with the girlfriend.

And here I am with a whole lot of stuff that reminds me of the past - things that I thought I'd never get to putting behind me. And it's not just about girls and relationships too! All sorts of junk that you'd probably find in some flea market somewhere if someone got their hands on them.

I'll take this as a spirit walk thing - to put what's been pulling me back behind me and toss them out. There are lessons to learn and new dreams to pursue, and while some may still linger on my to-do list (I intend to do something about them in the immediate future), I'll put myself up for construction.

Tenders now open to all who want to make a difference. Join me in welcoming the new year as a time of change and inspiration.

All talk? Only time will tell.

The future - almost there, but we're nowhere near it.

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