Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I smiled today

In the company of 6 lovely ladies, I start to miss the old work place. They were the ones who made it all worthwhile, and I must admit I wouldn't have stayed as long as I did if it weren't for them.

We talked, bitched, laughed and complained - just like old times.

Tracy's given birth, and Ethen's doing fine in Malaysia; Fiona and Yoke Ling's still doing the things they do best, and in the pink of health; Sharon's working in the CBD and says she takes too long to go to work (it'll help if she didn't live in a mansion in the middle of nowhere); Josephine I might not know too well, but it was fun laughing about stuff we have in common; Claire's forever the trooper, and I have only high hopes for the little sparkplug.

I'm close to tears as they showered concern on me like they always do - asking me questions about life (Fiona noticed I've put on a few pounds), and how everything is at the new workplace. I hear stories about the old workplace, and we laugh about how stupid some people can be. I tell them stories about my new workplace - how I had the chance to work with a contractor they didn't quite fancy. I asked about Tracy and how she's coping with the baby, about work and life and school and everything else.

Time past really fast, and we were all due home. Claire and Tracy had to go back to work at Parkway Parade to get a poster done up, so the rest of us left for home. Sharon and Josephine went to the train, and I walked with Fiona and Yoke Ling to the bus stop, deliberately taking the scenic route so I could enjoy the conversation a little longer.

These are the people who make life worth living, for when you're down in the dumps, they'll be the ones who'd willingly pick you up.

Thank you for being in my life. I can't wait till our next meeting.

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