Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where I wanna be

I don't fancy travel, but if I ever do I'd like to settle for a place away from places, with an environment drastically different yet comfortably suitable for my peace of mind. I'm quite a character, and all my friends say I'm fussy, but I think I could get used to this place I found on Dark Roasted Blend.

Welcome to Tristan da Cunh.

Photo Credit - Rob Crossan

Situated at a staggering 2,430KM away from the nearest landmass - Africa and South America - one would have to brave the rough seas to set foot on the most remote place in the world.

Now I know you're thinking about how you could probably see dinosaurs or time warps on the island, but I'm happy to tell you there are actually people living there!

Photo Credit - Peter Balwin & Sue Scott

Home to about 270 inhabitants, Tristan da Cunh's commerce is largely made out of fishing. The sub-tropical climate offers pristine conditions for the islands native wildlife and its inhabitants giving visitors (if any) a nice shift from the stresses of modern life.

Photo Credit - Roland Svensson

While you're there, be sure to have a taste of their speciality Rock Lobster Tails - touted to be the best in the world!

Photo Credit - Roland Svensson

And who else to show you around town but the friendly neighborhood fisherman? Since its beginnings, Tristan da Cunh has developed into a fine little town boasting its own convenience store, radio station, cafe, video shop, and swimming pool!

However, be warned that being in the middle of the ocean does have its disadvantages - horrible storms with winds as fast as 190km/h tear through the town at regular intervals, often throwing lifestock into the vast blue beyonds and rendering complete neighborhoods infunctional.

Despite all that, Tristan da Cunh is still a pleasant place to go. Transport is available via the RMS St. Helena, the only mail ship in the world, once a year from South Africa. Check out their website for ship schedule.

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