Monday, January 12, 2009

In the spur of things

The world works on impulse, and look how it's turned out.

I used to live on impulse, and am still in all honesty. While my resolutions tell me otherwise, I am often victim of my own spontaneity. I take things to meaning too fast, and they have often come back to bite me in the ass.

While that translates to good waste of time, I often come up with the excuse of gaining experience. But do we actually learn from all our mistakes? I've been in this cycle throughout the earlier half of my life, and I don't really see anything that's been of benefit to me.

Well, I had a nice little conversation with an old friend just now. I have much to thank for her kindness and patience, for I have done my share of damage on the state of things.

This sentence among others stood out - "it's coming no matter what." So I guess I'll just have to be me.

Here's to sunshine, for dropping in when things started to turn dark.

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