Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Escape

I've learnt that I will turn to the kitchen and my recipes whenever I'm feeling down and lousy. There are very few places that I hold dear, and among those are secrets that linger on the brink of dissipation, so in the end you'll most likely find me cooking in the kitchen rather than crying in my room.

It's a good place where I absolutely feel good - not bothered by the state of things and not having to face the depression that's becoming of me lately. Situational as it is, my kitchen gives me a sense of comfort few others can provide.

Night is hardest to face, as we all know, and as I see friends finding love and moving on to the next phase of their lives, I reflect on myself and try to find possibilities. In all aspects I'm a boring guy. I like the simple things that most others will find too... simple. A walk down a crowded street, a day in the home cooking or cleaning, or simply sitting down at a quiet place and looking at the sky - it's hard to find excitement in that.

And while I mull over how miserable my future would hold, I turn instinctively to my kitchen among other things. It's been there for me always, and I find myself able to get lost in preparing a dish. I would practice my cutting, or try my hand at making sauce, or throw out what''s in the freezer to see what I can make.

It's a strange thing to find in a guy, yes... but I'm no ordinary guy. I'm me, and you'll find me smiling the most in my kitchen.

So if you have the chance, come visit and see how entertaining I can be in my element. You'll certainly not see my like this outside my domain.

It's late, and I don't think I can cook with the flu diluting my tastebuds, so I'll handle my current depression by introducing another one of my recipes. The stuff I know how to make may be limited for now, but I aim to make a new dish every week so watch out for it.

Let me cook for you, please. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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