Sunday, February 01, 2009

Drowning in a sea of Red and Yellow

What's going on in Thailand? The country of smiles has lost its charm, discarding the tourist-friendly visage in favor of a loud, uncouth hooligan demanding for change, change, change.

If you've not forgotten the protest of the Yellows a few months back, where protesters demanded the fake government to step down and "give the power back to the people". Although peaceful, the protests shut down the country and cost it billions of dollars in lost tourist dollars. Those stuck at the airport for days trying to get home will definitely think twice about coming back.

Now, Thaksin supports rally outside government buildings asking for the newly elected government to be dissolved. It seems that this new one is also corrupt, and they want to - you guessed it - "give the power back to the people". Well, that's a great reason for us to spend our holidays there - not seen a protest before? Go to Thailand!

And their king is sick - I guess both mentally and physically. This is too much trouble to take. Power to the people kinda won't apply if there are divided demands. In the past the King would step out and say something like "Shut up and give them a chance," but that's just another way to enslave their free will. Better to leave things as they are and see what the current government can do.

We've got a Sleeping Dragon too - in the military. There's nothing like peace enforced through the barrel of a gun (or better still, a tank), and the last time seemed to work pretty well. Change came about instantly, and the people seemed ok with it.

They're gone through so much overhauls in the last year that it's not funny anymore. Forget about development, the government would be lucky to last more than a year in Thailand. No wonder there's no news on the financial crisis affecting Thailand...

Red and Yellow in a game of Tug of War, and it's not even the beginning. After the political turmoil boils over, the nation looks towards facing the financial one - the real problem facing the world today.

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