Monday, February 02, 2009

The Second

When the last girlfriend and I started out we agreed to let it be a very spontaneous relationship - two free spirits coming together to fill the voids in each others' lives. There was to be no fuss, no extra obligation, no counting of days, and if at any time we don't feel the same way the other would understand why it had to end.

I guess I'm not as "of-the-moment" as I thought I'd be. I enjoyed spending every day with her, calling her several times a day, appreciating the mornings we get to wake up together, treasuring the sense of belonging we gave each other; I enjoyed being a part of her life.

Being in a relationship wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be too. When you choose to spend time - to love - a person, you are taking in every single thing that the person stands for; feeling every smile, wiping every tear, hearing every thought, and cherishing every moment. You are taking them into yourself, and giving all of yourself to them.

I don't think another person's emotions should ever be taken lightly. If there is ever another person who can accept me into her life, I know that she will be of my wildest dreams - sending me soaring into the clouds and living a life most wonderful. I will live every day with that person as if it's the last, making sure she knows I am hers for keeps.

Today is the second of February, when we used to celebrate our monthly anniversaries.

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