Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A leave of absence

They liked my soup!

I had a bowl delivered for Tracy the day after dinner and I got good comments from her! Coming from her it's a big deal, since her mum probably cooks better than my mum. The praise was later affirmed when I had the chance to meet one of my colleagues online.

She's a weird one, I tell you, and we ended up in a nice long conversation about nothing much in general. It was a welcome distraction from the slum I was in, and I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So kudos for making me smile that night, because I have been lacking in that department for most days, and I hope you remembered what I told you about your job scope.

She also told me about her mum's spectacular cooking, and her Sze Chuan Chai with pork dish. Well, I make a pretty good one myself, so I can't wait to taste the work of the best cook (her mum). I hope she manages to sneak like 2 pieces out of the house for my tasting.

Cooking's the word nowadays, as it helps me pass time and move on with the happier stuff. When the kitchen's clean and the lights turned out, I return to the room and my pen, where more things happen.

Head's up people who love the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (me, me!), scientists have actually found a pill that could erase your bad memories! While there are ethical concerns, I must admit that such a medical marvel could see a lot of visitors indeed! If you're not watched the movie starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, please do. It's the winner of the 2007 Academy Awards for Best Script, and the actors do their characters real justice!

And I think I've been getting too loud at work for my own good. I know it's starting to turn out like the old office where everyone's a nice noisy bunch, but it's different somehow and I know I'll have to tone myself down a lot before I start annoying people out there. The girls from the workplace are really swell and I'm starting to like them a lot.

Looks like a great work place from where I stand, and I hope I can be able to contribute more than noise to it. Pretty ladies from my workplace, I love you all, and thank you for the good times, and another new reason to smile.

Real simple writing from me today - quite tired from the logging and cooking from the weekend, so I hope you find it suitable for the late night reading. Eyes closing, sleepy, now I go.

Day Five now, but I'm hopeful still.

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