Sunday, March 01, 2009

16 reasons tomorrow will be good

1. The sun will rise
2. The train's always less packed in the morning
3. We just got paid for the month of February
4. My feet are hurting less from the jog on Friday
5. I'm off to a new project at work - the April issue of our staff publication
6. A new month, a new reason to shop for clothes
7. Yesterday was history
8. The stock market has new promises
9. I've made some informed decisions about it
10. My sister's birthday is nearing
11. I've yet to try out the few steak recipes I've gotten
12. Coca-Cola
13. I get to see the fun people at work
14. I'm going to meet some fun people from the last workplace
15. A promise of the best life awaits
16. Why not?


evon said...

yay! you remember that my bday is nearing... muacks!

Anonymous said...

doesn't mean you'll get anything from me though... :P