Tuesday, August 25, 2009


On a night like this - thin air crawling its way into the room, carried around by the hot and humid twilight - I am deprived of the peace of slumber.

If in sleep we creep towards death, it would be our aspirations that save us with the ropes of hopes and dreams yet accomplished.

On this sleepless night I pay homage to the kind souls in my life who have all shown me - one way or another - that tomorrow is worth waking up for.

To the lovers I say 'love on', for life really is too short to care about what others may think. If there is one true thing in this world it would be romance - if not of the lifetime, then of the moment. Pure, simple pleasure.

To the worriers I say 'I know', for it is the presence of company that eases the pain. Whatever weighs your shoulders down, there are more ways to solve them if you would only seek companionship. Fret not about the insensitivity of mankind, but rather ask yourselves if your problem is simple enough to bear on one's own.

To the wise I say 'teach me', for I lack the patience to truly be useful to this world. They say all good things come to those who wait, and I bear testament to its prophecy; I've yet to witness much good in this world, and am all too quick to condemn it.

So in closing, I speak to the ones on my mind now -

To the ones I love, thank you.

To the ones I worry about, I am here.

And to the ones who have taught me, I have learnt.

May we all find sleep.

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