Thursday, September 03, 2009


Since the start of this morning, words have escaped me.

Maybe it's the sickness affecting me, but I've not been able to paint pictures in my mind, something that I've not found difficulty doing. The dreamer in me gives me direction, throwing me all sorts of ideas - wanderlust of the mind.

Much has happened since I last touched base with myself. I had started this blog for the exact purpose of charting my thoughts and emotions, but so very often I find myself lost, unable to bring to reality the many unphysical permutations of my everyday life.

But here I am, wandering and searching for the perfect place in the world - a picture of bliss and happiness so that I can put them to words for a newly-made friend.

For she is a delicate creature - strong and willful, but I look closely and I see the cracks on the surface. I'm beginning to think that mine is a great life, though lacking many, see the absence of so much of the pain and torment that many of my fellow human beings are exposed to.

That day I saw her cry, and it shattered my heart. Since then I've been trying to give her something worth smiling about, for she has the best smile, and those wonderful eyes, so often lost and vacant with the weight of her troubles.

Perhaps I can help her, perhaps she won't let me. The least I could do is try.

The world escapes me, this strange concoction of good and evil, and I am unable to write. Sorry dear friend, all I can do for now is smile.

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