Thursday, September 24, 2009


Surprising that two of my best buds are of the same name?

Don't be. The world's more freaked out than you think.

Philip just told me he wanted to settle down, and I'm really happy for him. See, I'm not the happiest person in the world, and there are very few things that can really make me smile. So when he told me he wanted to settle down and that the girl shared the same feelings, I was cheek-to-cheek.

Me and him go way back. I remember the days in primary school when we would be playing games during recess. There was the one-leg game, the softball (tennis ball and your forearm), and then there's the balancing beam (you had to balance all the way to the end and then play rock paper scissors with the champion to take his place and beat the rest of the challengers who came).

And in secondary school he'd be the one guy I can always go to relate my troubles. We'd spend hours on the phone, and I remember this particular discussion that ended up with my theory that the pyramids were built by an advanced race of dinosaurs.

He's an easy-going guy - always ready to take time off to head out with a seriously depressed me needing company and someone to smile with. He's been missing lately, what with education in the UK and now work, and I miss him already.

So we get our fix on Facebook and MSN. Right now I'm talking to him about money and people. He's far away in Southampton now, missing home. I told him we'd go KTV when he comes back in december and I can't wait.

Anyway back to the topic of marriage, and the need to be. I'm sitting on the other side of the fence for this one coz I think that as long as two people are in love, marriage is but a status less-deserving.

Do we question if winter should be cold? Or if scholars are smart? What about dogs being loyal or cats being lazy?

Some things in life just are, and we should be glad we get the chance to be.

For those fortunate enough to experience love, I guess marriage is a practical solution to the need to progress, get a house and make children. To me, for now, it's all a show for the parents.

Call me a romantic, but love is all I think I need.

That, and a little luck.

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