Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Way

There exists a kind difference between cruelty and ruthlessness, as there is a mocking revelation between kindness and pity.

But so often do we generalize things, that we take for granted the subtleties that present themselves - like the harsh words of a parent (I’ll kill you, you fucking ingrate!) against the rigidness of policy (If you want to riot, you will be arrested); or the dollar given to the auntie who sells tissues against the dollar given to the auntie because she sells tissues.

Do we not see the need to divide? Or have we experienced too much to be able to make a difference anymore? What about consequences - are we only driven by the end result, not batting a thought about how it is achieved? Are we reasoning too much, taking into account the fine salts of a main course instead of the quality of the steak?

I’m lost of course, because here I am ranting away in the middle of the night, over a thought I had in the course of the day while walking to the taxi stand.

But things like this happen to me, and thoughts like the above present themselves and leads me to question in hope of an answer.

Is it important to get an answer to every question? Well, I think for a kid like me, it perhaps is the very reason of asking.

I’ll need to be more mature to think that some questions warrant only a silent wave of the hand.

And the question in this case would be, like in most other cases and most vividly pointed out through a conversation with a friend the previous night (woah, he can cross-reference!):

Do we even care?

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