Sunday, January 31, 2010


There are many ways to do wrong, and we are all too familiar with the sensation.

So very often do we hear stories about wrong doings in the paper, so many imperfect people, that we start to assume that every one's a big flaw in the flesh.

But if it happens to you - when the realization that the imperfection you are now face to face with is a familiar one - what then?

Do you remember the cruel names you called that person you read about in the paper? Can you retract the impulsive urge to exact justice to the sensationalized culprit?

We may be right - everyone's a sinner - but that is still no reason for us to pass judgement or even slap the namesake of shame onto our antagonist.

It may appear that they deserve the punishment you sentence them with, but if you would only settle your anger and play things over in your mind you will discover that rage is not the true emotion at work.

Our lives are very much reflected in those of others, in that we are not entirely unique.

While there may be others who live completely different lives, but there are more crunching the same chocolate bar as you are.

That, and life's a bitch. Don't be caught by surprise when you open your door and Deja vu plays a visit to mock your inner demon.

With that, may I implore that we all stray from anger and impulse, and have ourselves a wonderful co-existence.

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