Sunday, January 17, 2010

The magic of inactivity

There's a magic about staying still, and I love it.

I like simple. And coming from a guy who has far too many shirts (yes, I've finally said it), that means something.

What is it about going places? I for one can't stand the exhaustiveness of travel; making sure you don't get lost is one thing, but making sure you get back is another big problem.

To combat the underrated and totally overlooked problem of getting lost in the alternate, I suggest staying put - something I have had a lot of time to get used to.

What isn't great about staying still? Whereas going places is seen by many as necessary, I would like to attest to the positive attitudes of inertia.

It starts anywhere, in a place where people come or keep away from, at the time of the day where time doesn't matter, in a cultural setting of incomplete harmony.

So many things, yet nothing; simple yet wonderfully complex, this is the magic of inactivity.

It gets better with company (if you actually find someone who's willing to spend hours of their time with you just staying still). There's the understanding of being there, and the appreciation of knowing that you have each other to turn to when it all gets too much to handle.

You see, silence is far from it; a void of communication hardly signifies that there isn't any happening. When was the last time you looked at someone and found that you're able to understand them - listen to the words they want to say; feel the weight of their emotions; share every sway in the winds of their life?

You wish you do, and sometimes you actually get close enough to.

And it could all happen where nothing happens at all!

Your mind doesn't really need all that attention to be entertained, so give it a rest sometimes. You'll be surprised what you can come away with.

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