Sunday, January 10, 2010

Remember this tongue. Remember it well.

Jesus Christ - Save the Sinners... I saw this banner hanging outside of a church as I was on one of my bus trips around the island.

Shouldn't it be 'save us'? There's this pre-notion that all who follow cannot sin, and that is one hell of an assumption.

It's like saying that robbers are worse than thieves, lecturers are more noble than teachers, a millionaire philanthropist is bigger in heart than a social worker working hard to keep one single family afloat; that Christians are better than humans.

The person who put the words onto the banner did not think of these, and it disgusts me. Just because you think we need saving doesn't mean we want to be saved. It's like an infomercial telling people how their lives will be better by purchasing your lifestyle supplement.

Next time you flood us with your forced exorcism marketing tactic, remember that sins will always exist in the minds of the sinners, and no amount of religious piety will erase your impudence.

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