Monday, May 23, 2011

New doubles racket

Got my hands on an old model by Carlton, the Fireblade FX8. 4UG5 with a head-heavy bias and a stiff shaft, I hope it brings the ummph to my doubles game that the APACS racket lacked.

On a different note, went to JB and the APACS heaven, Honly Trading. Every model you can think of, at amazing prices.


Faidz said...

Where and how much you get this? How does it compare to the Apacs you used earlier? Which Apacs did you use?

Arthur Wong said...

I got the Fireblade from Arctric Pacific at Sembawang, Singapore for about S$90.

Let me write a review for the racket as soon as I get the time. Will incorporate your questions inside, thanks!