Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Racket Technologies

I've made it a point to get new rackets with technology that I'd like to test. The ArcSaber Z-Slash TH has the slim, aerodynamic frame; the Carlton Fireblade FX8 has a shorter grip handle and a stiff shaft; the Voltric 5 has Tri-Voltage; the Visible Hollow 1800 has the VHS.

Coming up next I'm looking at the Triple Threat of the Prince rackets, the Sword and Spira of the Victor series, and the ZAR (Zero Air Resistance) of the RSL rackets.

When this is all over I can write a pretty nice report on if they mean something or it's just all marketing dollars at work.

For now, I'm going to give my ZSTH one more game before the review comes.

1 comment:

Faidz said...

Try and get your hands on Prince models. They are surprisingly good despite their low price!

I currently have two Prince rackets and they do not disappoint me.

Other choices for Prince is the triple threat 2400 & 2500 which is highly rated.

There is also a new model for 2011 named Prince Air Freak. All the models I mentioned above cost around RM175.