Friday, November 04, 2011


I guess Bhutan's trending right now, at least on my facebook wall.

As all ignoramus are, there I was minding my own business playing my facebook game when all of a sudden a post about one of our social media-savvy ministers came on.

It was about a written reply to his reference to the small kingdom of Bhutan. I won't repeat what was said because if you don't know by now you're better off reading one of my badminton racket reviews.

With that out of the window, I started asking whether I've actually placed myself in a similar situation as our dear minister - looking at a place with colored shades and wondering why it's all so retro.

Coming from a guy, it can get pretty annoying when someone comes up to you and starts offering advice left and right about how much better your life will be if you'd just start improving the way things are done.

Kudos to the citizen of Bhutan for opening my eyes on the varying degrees of the word 'better'. From the eyes of our minister, who comes from one of the most competitive countries in the world, the slow-paced lifestyle of Bhutan probably means the people are struggling to make ends meet, working their malnourished asses off just so they can afford the latest iPhone.

At that moment, I think he was placing himself on a higher pedestal.

Read the reply to our minister's perspective and you'll see the values and culture missed out by his city-dweller worldview.

I guess when you earn the paycheck of 30 people in your country, there's hardly space to consider that people can be content with breaking their back and sweating in the fields.

But then again, that's just how I see it. From now, let's all try to understand a few more perspectives before shooting our mouths off aye?

For a better world, and a few more fresh breaths of air.

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