Friday, November 04, 2011


There was the door, and the here I was. The anger tipped my foot closer and closer, sounds of five minutes ago ringing in my mind, feeding the decision, teasing the thought, influencing the eventuality.

"For the end," I could hear myself say.

"It's been too long."

Freedom, and onwards to the light, but the heart paused as I took the last step out. It sinks, it wobbles, it turns the sour of a painful regret.

What pain left behind, pride took over, and the forward movement continued. Aching feet dragged along the shadows of the distorted hallways.

"Don't look back, don't give in," a voice tries to convince.

For a different tomorrow dawns as soon as I left, and that future will be uncertain. I had wanted this, I had made my move, I will follow my decision.

In the days to come, I will realize the truth in my leaving, and the ripples of my actions. But for now, I embrace my bravery and step out.

Slowly, unsure, inconveniently lost; nothing to lose but what should  have been lost.

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