Friday, December 09, 2011

Basic Badminton Strategies: The Classic

Let's get right on it shall we? I've previously mentioned that these are the bread and butter of the game, with their purpose built around the core principles of badminton.

Always have these at the back of your mind. They'll help you guide your shots and make it harder for your opponent to move you around the court.

I'll start with The Classic. This one's pretty simple, and a lot of us will have some semblance of it in our gameplay. The problem is that sometimes its so obvious that we stop committing ourselves to putting in the best shot possible.

For example, if you've already being moved around like a headless chicken, you'd probably not want to try that overhear crosscourt clear from the backhand corner.

The Classic is simple in theory - put the ball where the opponent isn't. It's not attacking, it's more of placing the shots carefully so you can get enough about the opponent to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses.

In practice, The Classic gets a little tougher. We'll need to use this thing called the Triangle Principle.

The longest distance between two points on the court is always right across. From backhand corner to forehand front corner or vice versa.

However, add in the fact that it's also easier to dash in a straight line, and you're suddenly given another alternative - the immediate opposing side of your target corner.

It takes more energy to stop as dash again, so forcing your opponent to make adjustments to their movements is a good way of moving then around.

Add this fact into The Classic, and you're suddenly more in control.

General strategies are the precursor to the offensive or defensive ones, so use these well and you'll be setting yourself up for a combo sooner than you think.

Coming up next: Basic Strategies - Defensive Roulette.

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