Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Badminton London Olympics: Men's Singles Poll Results

I have to admit that I put the poll out for too long to vote, and we're not left with much time for the rest of the categories.

 Apologies for those who are looking forward to the polls. Here's the results for the Men's Singles event at the 2012 London Olympics:

Who will win Men's Singles Gold? 
Lin Dan - 48%
Lee Chong Wei - 48%
Chen Long - 1%
Peter Gade - 1%

What are your predictions for the other categories?

Here are mine.

Men's Singles: Lin Dan
Women's Singles: Wang Xin
Men's Doubles: Cai / Fu
Women's Doubles: Indifferent (with deepest apologies to fans)
Mixed Doubles: Fischer / Pedersen (I'd like to say Ahmad / Natsir, but the young Tontowi is a big wild card, especially at an event like the Olympics)

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