Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Badminton Racket Mythbusters: APACS vs Yonex

I've been wanting to do this for the longest time, but haven't gotten around to wanting to spend money on an APACS racket.

The APACS series of rackets has got a devoted bunch of followers, swearing by the quality of the brand's rackets compared to the original ones by Yonex.

So I'm thinking of going about proving whether that's true (for me at least), using a set of methodologies that I will soon develop.

The first step would be to choose the rackets that I will compare against. My first choice is the ArcSaber Z-Slash, a cult favorite among shuttlers for its "fastest smash speed" marketing. I personally own one of these, so it's a natural pick as well.

The ASZS also has the title of "most unforgiving racket", and that will duly be tested between the two brands.

The next one will be tough. I would want to choose a head-heavy one since the ArcSaber series is the even-balanced rackets from Yonex.

A look through the APACS range of rackets has left me with the APACS Foray 300, the replica for the Yonex Voltric Z-Force.

With those two in mind, it's time to think up how to best compare the two.

More to come, comments very welcome.


geoffrey said...

The Yonex Voltric 80 and Apacs Lethal 70 are often said to be similar. I own a VT80 so I would be interested to see how Lethal70 compares in quality and performance.

Arthur Wong said...

Although I started out wanting to test the clones for the rackets, you've given me another perspective on how I can go about comparing the rackets.

Now to gather more feedback from the forums and see which are the ones worth going for.

Thanks for the suggestion, Geoffrey!

Minh Tran said...

So far of all the racket from Apacs, I have tried and used a number of these rackets. From my experience with the top end Apacs rackets, Lethal 70 is by far the best amongst its own Apacs Range. Head-heavy and stiff providing accurate and powerful smash (I've broken the handle after 2 years of use, bought it for $50 new). I've also tried the Armor Muscle Pro 90, Tantrum 200, and Lethal 110. And Lethal 70 is still by far the best singles racket to use.

My friends have the Voltric 80 and Z-Force, and both are superb rackets from Yonex providing solid smash power. The L70 is on par with V80 and Z-Force, although Z-Force swing speed is faster with its thinner shaft and special head design. So Z-Force > L70.

From the specs of the Foray 300, it's nothing compared to the Z-Force so it would be a mismatch comparison. To provide a comparison with the Z-Slash, I would recommend you try the Lethal 110, it has similar specs as stiff and even balanced as the Z-Slash. The Z-Force would pair nicely with the Lethal 70. Would be interesting to see the results from another perspective.

Anonymous said...

Sir, is the apacs lethal 70 still in production since there are newer models such as lethal 90 and 100?

Arthur Wong said...

Hello! This I wouldn't know because I've never been in touch with the APACS rackets.

There's an online store for APACS called battledore or something, they might have an answer for you.

If you're in Singapore, the APACS warehouse is somewhere in Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park.

Asking around the BC forums might help too. There's an APACS community there with loads more answers that I ever will about APACS rackets.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all

I have been a fan of Apacs for a short time, I wanted to buy a top of the range racket at a cheap price..( don't we all) due to lack of funds, anyway I have played since I was 10 years old, even played U14 England, I have a very strong wrist action due to the martial arts I have been involved with over the years, so much so I have snapped rackets off at the handle with the whip through my backhand smash/clear`s..... I digress, A friend lent me a yonex Nano 9900..... I loved it did everything I was looking for my smashes were hitting the 110mph and backhand crosscourt drops were inch perfect.... but I couldn't justify £149 per racket.... as I regularly break strings with hitting hard oh and I like my strings at 36lbs, which was a risk as Yonex don't recommend that high tension, so I bought an Apacs 9900... eh ! it`s the same racket !! only the tension guide is much higher recommended maximum, but I have also increased my smash to 132mph, my cross court backhand is the same inch perfect, and I can buy 3 of these to one Yonex... SOLD ! for me its APACS all the way I have sold some to friends too!

Arthur Wong said...

I guess when you get to your level of play, any decent racket would be a deadly weapon :)

Do you have any wrist-training exercises you can share with the lot of us? I'll put up an entry and credit it to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arthur

I have used a simple and cheap method, a short broom handle approx. 14" long a 3ft length of string and half a house brick , attach the 3 together . then holding the handle in your racket hand wind the string up by using a circular motion as if you are drawing a large O in the air..... then slowly reverse the motion to lower the brick .... repeat 10 times and rest.... hope this helps.

kind regards


Arthur Wong said...

That sounds like a simple setup that anyone can make for themselves!

Thanks for sharing Marky247!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that there are comments backing to 2012, thus my opinions may no longer be relevant. I used to be a player that settled with 3 Yonex Nanospeed 9900. However as time went by, 2/3 of my rackets cracked due to rackets clashing in the middle during doubles game play (I am a left hander).

Thus, last year I bought 2 Apacs 9900 to give it a go since it was really cheap. However, while the weight of the Apacs 9900 is similar to the Yonex NanoSpeed 9900, I found that the Apacs 9900 is slightly less stiff than the Yonex 9900. While the stiffness did not really affect my game play, I can't say if the experience will hold true for others.

However, one thing I can really appreciate about the Apacs 9900 is the increased maximum tensions for the string. Previously when I was using the Yonex 9900, the maximum I would dare to string was 25lbs (Advised by my local stringer). Now all my Apex 9900 are strung to 27lbs without issues.

Hope that helps!