Saturday, August 04, 2012

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Toalson Ti Max Power 3000 Neo

This racket belongs to one of those that I had to get because it looked so darn good. And I share the same tastes with many others because the stringer sold out in a weekend.

On first touch the racket feels head heavy, but yet able to get itself up with a fast swing for your doubles games.

I've been looking for a nice head heavy doubles racket for awhile, and short of risking an expensive one and have it chipped or broken from a clash, I found the Toalson brand of rackets reliable and cost-effective.

The Ti Max Power 3000 Neo is no different. The racket's stiff shaft allows you a higher level of control as compared to another Toalson racket that I also purchased that day (first impressions to come soon), and that gives me a more comfortable game where I can throw out whatever shots I want.

But it's no even balanced racket, and it started to show when the smashes came down hard and fast.

Overall, the Toalson Ti Max Power 3000 Neo is a pretty decent racket that looks really, really good. If you're tight on budget and want something that gives you a little of everything you want from a game, this here brands and racket's a good starting point.

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