Saturday, September 08, 2012

Badminton Racket Launch: Yonex Nanoray 800

Here's badminton giant Yonex at its game once again with the Yonex Nanoray 800. It's more head heavy and stiff than the 700 series, according to the matrix chart.

This here's got 2 more technological advances from Yonex.

FX Plus: a hybrid material incorporated into the end of the shaft near the cone for greater flexibility to address the tougher clear shots we all get from head-light rackets. Looks like a dovetail build that allows for greater movement at the base.

Sonic Metal: new material at the top of the frame that increases repulsion and gives a better clear sound. Since I've yet to hear a Voltric 80 giving me the shivers, I'm going to call bluff on this one.

Check out more on the Yonex Website.


Arthur Wong said...

Saw the racket in person today. Ugly. I think Yonex are trying too hard to put as much futuristic details into the racket as possible.

Vamp said...

Certainly the look is important huh... :)

Arthur Wong said...

Looks are everything! (Especially when you don't have the skill!)

Jason said...

So this racket is still in head light zone? would it fit a defensive & counter playing style? I bought a MR500 couple months ago but didn't seem to fit at all, so had to let it go

Arthur Wong said...

Well I'd say it felt pretty fast on the swing on my first and only try at it.

Wasn't strung though, so my judgement could be a bit off.

Most head-light rackets would be quick on the defense, but it takes a little weight or stiffness to get the counter attacks in.

If you've tried the head-lights and found that they're a little too weak on the attack, you're better off trying an even-balanced one like the ArcSabers, or if you've got the technique and arm strength, the Voltrics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason are you planning to let go your nanaoray 800? And how much...thks Tim

Al-Mansor said...

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