Saturday, February 09, 2013

New Racket Launch: Yonex ArcSaber 11 and Yonex ArcSaber FB

No, it's not a Facebook page.

Yonex continues its long-standing tradition of over-the-top marketing with two rackets in its ArcSaber series. Rather than going the way of the Armortec and Nanospeed, they seem to have decided to keep the ArcSaber name instead of throwing in a whole new one.

Known for their agility on the court without compromising too much speed, the ArcSaber could very well be the most-loved rackets in the Yonex armory. The even-balanced ArcSaber 11 and ArcSaber FB continues to be the control-freak rackets of choice, set to inherit the fame of the Z-Slash and ArcSaber 10.

Yonex positions the two rackets as ultimate control rackets, with the term "Smash-back". Turn your opponents' attacks against them with precision drives and control.

The ArcSaber 11 drums on frame flexibility, offering more touch time for the shuttle on the string bed. The use of Sonic Metal on the sides of the head frame gives a stronger response (and also a sharper sound to unsettle opponents), and a new T-Joint composite (T-ANCHOR) gives more stability and reduces torque when returning off-centre shots).

The ArcSaber FB is Yonex's lightest racket. They've even given it a whole new weight category "F". This one comes with the promise of superior swing speed (up to 30kmph faster).

The racket comes in at 73g, and with a new shaft design that gives it the same strength by using a "breakthrough in nanoscience technology", NANOMETRIC. This new technology allows stronger bonding of the carbon fibers without using too much material.

In comparison with the other Yonex rackets, here's where the two add up.

Personally, I'm not too hot on the ArcSaber FB. It appears to be a head-light, flexible racket, which hasn't played well in my experience. I'm happy with Karakal rackets when it comes to lightweight.

And the ArcSaber 11 seems to be too much like the ArcSaber 10 to justify the high price tag.

Will look out for them. Might try them. Not really that interested, unless they're smoking hot.

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I stripped my snapped karakal bn-60 and is 64g just frame and cork. With factory strings and grip comes to 75g. It is also a headlight racquet, so there's not much feedback from the racquet to offer good control.

FYI, arcsaber fb is 76g, ready to play, head-heavier, so better

Arthur Wong said...

I can't comment on the FB since I've not had a chance to use it, but the BN60 is a pretty good racket in my hands :)

Always nice to hear from others on their thoughts. Goes to show that a single piece of equipment can have such different effects in a different person's hands.