Thursday, February 07, 2013

Weight Training with my Yonex Carbonex 6000DF

If you've not heard of the racket model before, it's because it's a $40 racket.

Steel construction, ultra stiff, ultra heavy - just the right racket if you want to give your muscles a good workout!

Had a go with it yesterday, for about 4 or 5 matches, and it felt kind of good! The swings were a little slower and the shots weren't as hard as normal (the racket can only go up to 20lbs of tension), but I managed to get a hang of the weight and was soon up to a fairly good speed.

Problem with that was the morning after. The muscles ached a little more than usual, but I took it as a good sign. May they grow stronger!

Looking forward to the next time I get to play with the 6000DF.

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