Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Badminton Shoe Review: Yonex SHB-01 Limited

My second pair of Yonex badminton shoes! And aren't these a beauty.. Couldn't resist the purple and green combo. 

When you can't play a very good game of badminton, at least you can make them look at your shoes in envy!

Note: This review is my opinion of the shoe from using it in my games. Take this with a pinch of salt since we all play the game differently. I'm here to tell you, in as much accuracy as I can, how the shoe feels and if it added to the game. Comments welcome!

The SHB-01 is meant to wrap around your entire foot - top and bottom - so as to achieve a non-slip feel as you move around the court. The tight hold it has probably means it's not really suitable for those with broad feet. 

For those whom it serves, it will serve well. The shoes offer very good comfort as they hold firmly. Apart from the feet getting really warm over time (it's not got a lot of ventilation like the Mizunos), the Yonex SHB-01 really did offer a lot of comfort.

One thing I did feel, however, was the tongue cutting into my ankle as I ran around. This was rectified by making sure you pull it right up when you wear em. Prolonged use will also soften it up. 

Stability / Grip
The soles of the shoe look like they're of some mid / low end range. No more of the complex sole mechanics that came with my previous SHB-101LTD. This one's more of a two-piece, no nonsense make. Not that it doesn't get the job done, but you get the feel that Yonex was probably pulling your leg about the previous one. 

Those who are used to a broader shoe (I'm talking to the Li-Ning users out there), watch your step with these narrower tips. 

One the court
I constantly find myself looking down at the shoe to see how nice they were. Other than that I don't feel any need to worry about my footing.

The Yonex SHB-01 Limited gives a very good grip, with excellent stability and a nice firm hold on your foot. Non-slip, fast-paced.


Unknown said...

I've been reading reviews from your blog for awhile.
They're great, I really appreciate what you're doing here.
Now I have a question, I'm planning to buy SHB-01 as my SHB-85 is almost ripped. I am wondering about the sizing. Should I go 1 size up or stay?
Thanks and keep on reviewing!

Arthur said...

Thanks for reading and glad you like it!

As far as I know, the SHB-85s are of a broader fit.

The SHB-01s are narrow, certainly not meant for broad foot types. So you might want to really give the shoe a good try before getting them.

My SHB-01s are the same size as my other shoes :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if i would kindly be able to grab info on the weight of the shoe? Curious to see how close these shoes are the the F1 Edition.

Love your blog, you kick arse! xD

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, me again, the f1 shoes iv owned since the release date, both pairs have worn down dramatically.

Both shoes already have holes in them. Quite shabby but i guess lightness comes at a price. I doubt the shb 01's will do that. =)

Arthur said...

Hey there! Thanks for reading and glad you like the blog!

Unfortunately I don't have the weight of the SHB-01LTD, but they're pretty heavy when compared to the Mizunos that I have.

What I really like about the shoe is that the inside of the shoe where you usually put a hole through is made of rubber.

That makes it really durable as compared to a leather composite, which usually starts to show signs of wear after the first few sessions.

Anonymous said...

hi arthur thanks for the post :)

i am just wondering if the li ning shoes are comfortable for people with wide feet. if so would you recommend me getting a pair.

Arthur said...

Hello again Hamish!

Would want to try Victor shoes if you've got broad feet. Li-Nings are just punishing to wear for me...

Anonymous said...

hi arthur thanks you for answering my questions. im just wondering could you do a review on a victor shoes and are they light weight because i seen some pictures of the victors shoes and they look quite heavy.

thanks you again

Arthur said...

Well, the Li-Ning shoes are loads heavier.

I've got 8 pairs of shoes - the Yonex, a Li-Ning, a Victor, a Babolat, and 4 Mizunos.

The Babolat is the most light-weight, but sucks for cushioning. The Yonex feels the best, the Mizunos are sexy as heck, and the victors are somewhere in between.

Cost-wise, the Mizunos are the most costly (they aren't even badminton shoes to begin with!), followed by theVictor, Yonex and Babolat and Li-Ning (I bought the mid-range one coz it looks better, AND the high-end ones are expensive!)

Johnny said...

I am looking for a review of your mizuno shoes. As you said, mizuno event more expensive than Yonex. I like this blue Yonex too. But it's better to listen to whom with deep experience on them like you

Arthur said...

Mizuno shoes are first and foremost volleyball shoes, so you can expect them to feel a little higher and less stable than the Yonex.

If you're used to feeling your foot on the ground as you run, then Yonex is the one for you.

The purple SHB-01 offers people with a sharper foot shape a very good grip on the court.

Those with wide feet, stay away. This will hurt you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Arthur.
Do the Yonex SHB-01LTD ONLY suitable for sharp foot cause I'm a guy with a widht shaped foot and really wanted to buy a new shoes. If thats the cse do you have any good shoes to recommend for guys with width shaped foot like me??

Arthur said...

Hey there!

I'm afraid you're right in saying that the SHB-01 is only for sharp foot shaped players.

I found that Victor shoes are pretty good for wide foot shapes. You might want to go give them a fitting.

Be sure to move around a little in the shoes before confirming!

Jack said...

I am using this shoes for about 2 months now. It grips the foot very well. The cushioning effect is fantastic. My two complaints are it feels warm after playing two games. It is slightly more heavy than most other shoes I have used. I like it but will soon buy a lighter shoes.

Arthur said...

Thanks for sharing your review!

I get that warm foot feeling too, and I think it's because the shoe wraps the foot so well! The compact nature of its design lends to the heavier feel too.

I found the shoe to be preferable to the rest of my shoes, even the lighter ones, since it offers a very good mix of comfort and usability.

And I have 7 pairs of badminton shoes :)

ste said...

Nice review guys..
Actually I am considering to have a new badminton shoe. I am still looking between Mizuno Tornado 8 and Yonex SHB 01 LTD.
I tried both before, Tornado has great cushioning all around the shoe which serve people who like to jump and great support. While SHB has the great fit and support from carbon plate, cushioning wise it is not good as Tornado but it is lighter than Tornado.

Wong did you have Tornado? Just want to make sure before making decision. Thanks

Arthur said...

Hello! Chances are that I also own a Wave Tornado 8!

The main difference between Yonex badminton shoes and Mizuno volleyball shoes is the height.

If you're used to wearing Yonex shoes, you'll be a little caught off by the height increase that the Mizuno shoes bring.

Other than that, I personally feel more comfort from the SHB01.

Last but not least, there's a slight chance that you might slip from wearing the Mizunos. I wrote a post on that.


Anonymous said...

Hello Aurthur ,

I have wide feet and I want to know which series of Yonex like 87 or 85 or MX or EX is suitable . Or it depends upon specific model ?

Arthur said...

The wider fit shoes I have area the Victors.

As for Yonex, I've been out of touch so you're going to have to ask the shop attendant to give them a try.

SHB-01 are out of the question. They're meant for narrow feet.