Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Victor Meteor X Jung Jae Sung and Li-Ning Woods N80

I recently got my hands on these two rackets and took them out on a test in this evening's game of singles. While the MX X JJS only had a one-game run, the N80 stood out more and had the opportunity to be tested further. I'll write for both of them anyway, since I've got quite a good experience from the two rackets.

Victor Meteor X JJS

From what little time I had on the court with this (about one game actually), I can probably only say that this racket can smash! When you first hold the racket it didn't feel as head-heavy as you think it is. Even on the swing you're probably looking at an even-balance racket at most. 

But all that chances once the shuttle hits the stringbed. The Meteor X JJS produces a relatively fast swing, which translate to a really satisfying crack at the shuttle when you get behind it. It made me want to smash even more. And I did, though I did notice that the shuttles came off harder than faster. 

Defense seemed to suffer a little, but that one will have to be tested more. On hindsight, the Victor Meteor X Jung Jae Sung felt a little like a Li-Ning Woods N90.

Li-Ning Woods N80

First off, I want to just say that this racket looks like a dream. Gold and silver mixed in just right to form a very elegant piece of art. 

The Li-Ning N80 swings heck of a lot faster than the Meteor JJS. The sword-like design cuts through the air with a very satisfying swish. Add that to the slightly flexible shaft and you've got yourself a pretty good weapon.

I found the N80 quick on the defense but more importantly, wonderful in control. It seemed to be able to put out the shots that I wanted, easily and without my wrist taking too much trouble. Straight drives down the side tramlines were effortless, as were wrist smashes that could cover both sides of the court. 

The racket feels good to hold, and is really quite an experience to play with.

From the get-go it seems like the MX JJS will be more suited for doubles, while the N80 will be a really good singles racket.

Looking forward to reviewing them both. 


Anonymous said...

Any review for the Meteor JJS ?

Arthur Wong said...

Sorry dude, gave that racket away to a buddy of mine.

He likes it though. :)

Anonymous said...

Alright . But in your opinion , what is the best racket for offensive player in men doubles ?

Arthur Wong said...

If you're able to handle it, the Voltric Z-Force is pretty much a rocket launcher.

Anonymous said...

3U or 4U ? Because dealer only have 3UG4 at the moment , and I'm still thinking whether to get it or not . Is the 3U slow in doubles ?

Arthur Wong said...

Grip size is important to me. I found that I can't anything that's too large (for me that's anything above G5).

A larger grip gives me a harder time defending, and add the 3U weight to that, it'll probably be a bad experience.

If you're used to both, then by all means do give it a try, though I would wait till something I'm more comfortable comes along.